Glade wanted to add a bit of joy to people's Facebook feeds during the holiday season.  So we made a series of looping GIFs based on their holiday scents to prove just how much joy can be found in each candle. 


The password to this might be password. Maybe.

But the GIFs didn't stop there. We launched a new line of fragrances on social with a mesmerizing kaleidoscope. 



Seeing joy is great and all, but we wanted people to be able to actually send joy. At least, in candle form. So we created a widget that allowed Twitter users to send a Timeless Joy candle to one of their pals. 



We got a lot of briefs that included phrases like “snackable content” and “let’s make sure people don’t think this is for 75-year-old women.” Which is why we created eye-catching pins that helped pinners understand the feelings each scent could evoke.