People don’t make as much as they used to. Maybe they’re just too busy. Or not inspired. Or because the idea of getting zero likes on a social post is soul crushing. Mrs. Meyer’s wanted to change all that with a year-long campaign that encouraged and inspired people to make again.


Make Something Day

On December 17th, 2016, Mrs. Meyer’s wanted people to roll up their sleeves and make something. We kicked off the week leading up to that day with a social video that showed people overcoming their apprehensions about making.



We filled a landing page on our site with inspiring quotes, DIY project ideas, recipes and user generated content to encourage people to start making again. 



An intricate line art coloring page gave people the opportunity to make, while giving hundreds of ideas for DIYing, planting and baking.


Badges could be cut out and given to makers in need of a bit of encouragement. 



A steady stream of engaging content inspired and encouraged our followers to craft, bake and grow. Even when it wasn’t always the easiest. P.S. You can check out more here.


Humble Brag

Effie Awards 2018 Finalist - Household Supplies and Services  // Effie Awards Bronze - Household Goods and Services // Effie Awards Finalist - Small Budgets, Effie Awards Finalist - Engaged Community